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The Conversion of Hua Dong Float Dock Started

    Hua Dong Dock docked in 300,000T graving dock smoothly on February 25th, 2014, signifying the official start of Hua Dong Dock conversion project.

    Hua Dong Dock is the first floating dock of HRDD and in use for nearly 20 years. Facing new marketing requirement and in order to optimize allocation of resources HRDD decided to conduct conversion for Hua Dong Dock. After conversion Hua Dong Dock will be able to undertake 170,000DWT Bulk Carrier and 7000TEU Container, with width increased by 10m to 63m, buoyancy tank length increased by 36m to 287.4m, and lifting capacity to 38,500T.

[2014-4-1 0:00:00 by HRDD]
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